With over 15 years experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next renovation,
driveway sett or home repair. We provide a professional service for private and commercial customers.

  • Closets and storage system

    Closets and storage system

    During the interior decoration process, it is of significant importance to find the perfect closets and other storage systems, especially when it comes to a small-sized room.

  • Tile installation

    Tile installation

    It is not so easy to choose high-quality tiles for the bathroom and the kitchen. Dozens of types, textures and colors lead to confusion. And it is even harder to lay the tiles on the walls and the floor.

  • Shower door installation

    Shower door installation

    If you prefer a quick shower rather than soaking in the bathtub for hours, then your bathroom should definitely be equipped with modern and comfortable shower cabin. It is not so difficult to install it in a bathroom by yourself, especially a corner shower cabin, because in this case, you only need to install the tray and the doors.




We provide a professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.
Our installations are carried out by fully trained staff to the highest professional standards.


Our team’s work should not cause you any discomfort. That is why we guarantee that the repaired room will look crystal-clear. After we leave, you don’t have to spend time and energy on cleaning.


All the tools and products that we use in our work are environmentally safe, so you do not need to be afraid for your health. They do not have any negative impact on the human body or the environment.


We have performed dozens of orders and worked with all types of premises, so we are capable of repair the problem area, and completely redo a room you selected.


We appreciate your time, and we do not delay work execution. A few hours after we come, you become the owner of a new, renovated room. And you will definitely be happy with the look of your room.


If you do not like to spend time at home, it’s time to change something. The reasons may be different: the appliances are out of order, tiles in the kitchen and in the bathroom have become cracked and yellowed, shower cabin is broken, or you are witnessing the furniture falling apart. It looks really sad.

All these problems are easily solved by contacting the proven construction company. We work in two directions: house repair and renovation house, and we offer a full range of services that will give your home a new life.


Home repair

Repair as well as home renovation can take a lot of time and effort, if you do it by yourself rather than turn to the professionals. We can take the lead, and your comfort is in good hands.

  • Every repair starts with the need to find a local contractor, but our company will save you from this. If you use our services, it implies the work of an experienced residential contractor.
  • We know that the repair is an integral part of the home improvement, because before renovating the house, you need to fix all its shortcomings and solve all problems. Therefore, everything we do is aimed at improving your comfort.
  • In our work we use only proven modern technology that does not just help us to cope with even most complicated tasks. We appeal to the effective methods in home restoration process, and use the best products that are environmentally safe.
  • With us, you will forget about the cracks on the working surfaces, broken furniture, yellowed and scratched tiles, and broken doors of the shower cabin. We guarantee an excellent result.
  • Renovation estimates and the repair price are both democratic and affordable. The cozy and comfortable house should not be a luxury that you cannot afford, and it is a reason why we do not overprice.


Home remodeling

If your home does not require serious repair, but it looks dull and old, you can’t but do renovation. Home renovation on a budget is our second main direction, and we know how to give a second life to your home.

  • Only professional remodeling contractors work in our company, so you can be sure that we do not waste your time and effort. Everything related to the reconstruction process, is controlled by us.
  • Complete home improvement is a whole range of services that will make your house unrecognizable. If you do not want to go home after work, this option is just for you.
  • We will not only replace old furniture and broken equipment, but will also assemble new one, that you couldn’t install by yourself. For example, inexperienced person may not be able to do the installation of the shower cabin, but with us you will no longer have to worry about it.
  • As for home renovation estimates, our services are not purchases that will hit you in the pocket and make you save on everything else for a long time. You can definitely afford it.
  • If you want to know the full house remodeling cost, call us or write to us at any time.
  • All comments and suggestions concerning the transformation of the house, you can always discuss with our local remodeling contractor.

Leave us an order and you will soon become the owner of the new home that will receive a second life. Treat yourself with comfort and convenience!


  • Tony
    Hollywood Florida
  • Good job, look like new again and was done very quickly!!!!

    John Dania
    Beach Florida
  • Nora
  • lily
    Broward county, Florida
  • Liam
  • Aiden
  • Lily
  • Damian and Sara
    Palm beach county, FL
  • Jeremiah Diaz
    Review kitchen
  • Emma
    Miami/dade county
  • Thank you for remodeling my bathroom! It had a terrible look — tiles were dirty and cracked all over the bathroom, bathtub became yellowed with age.  Now things have changed: every morning I am taking a shower with pleasure. My bathroom looks beautiful.

    Austin Dowman
    Bathroom remodeling
    Miami, South Florida
  • They installed new cabinets in my kitchen. I have bought new kitchen cabinets a while ago, but I couldn't assemble them myself. I placed a request on artmaxremodeling.com, and I was able to put back all the staff to new cabinets in one day. I'm very happy about my new kitchen look!

    Lucas Hamphrey
    Kitchen cabinet installation
    Hallandale, Florida
  • I couldn't tell in other words - my kitchen got a second life. It was in a really bad condition - chips and scratches were all over the countertops. I'm so exited by the way my kitchen looks now. I enjoy spending time there. Thank you!

    Leonora James
    Kitchen cabinets refinishing
    North Miami Beach, Florida
  • Gabriel
    Kitchen review
    South Florida, Broward county
  • Thank you for cleaning the tiles in our bathroom! I was sure that our bathroom will require new tiles. But now it looks like the day when we bought our house — no stains, free from cracks, or roughness, streak free and sparkling clean. We love it!

    Robert Stanley
    Tile cleaning
    Aventura, Florida
  • Broad Evans
    Jacuzzi review
    Miami, Florida
  • Cristina Salerno
    IDEA exchange review
    Hollywood, FL
  • Old shower doors in my bathroom were not good at all, and I couldn't get rid of them myself. I wanna thank you for installing new shower doors in my bathroom. Taking a shower is a pleasure for me now.

    Pauline Peterson
    Installing new shower doors
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Thank you very much for fixing and polishing tiles in my kitchen! They had a lot of scratches and had a worn, dated look. I even was thinking about installing new tiles. But then I found this company that fixed the tiles. Great money savings! Decision I don't regret.

    Morgan Baldwin
    Polishing tiles in my kitchen
    Miami, Florida