• Flooring in Cafes and Restaurants. Artificial Materials

    In the previous article, we began to talk about the most popular floor coverings in a restaurant or cafe. The floor made of natural stone or wood looks luxurious, but unfortunately not every owner can afford such an expensive material. In addition, it is simply pointless to use natural cover in the eating places with

  • Flooring in Cafes and Restaurants. Natural Materials

    Cafes and restaurants are visited by dozens, if not hundreds of people on a daily basis. Floors in such establishments should not only correspond to the chosen environment, designer’s idea and the chosen style, but also to withstand huge loads. In this case, you also need to remember that the floor for the restaurants imply

  • Carpet for the Kitchen

    In the process of renovating the kitchen or creating design from scratch, the question of flooring choice inevitably arises. Considering the specifics of the room, it would be logical to choose laminated floors, tile or other solid material. But what if you want the floor to be warm, non-slippery and pleasant to the feet? Put

  • Choosing floor finishing for office. Part 2

    In the previous article we have discussed the basic requirements for office floor and types of natural finishing. However, apart from them, there are some more options of artificial materials that can be used as the floor finishing in the office. Laminated flooring It is an artificial material with a wide range of colors and

  • Choosing floor finishing for office. Part 1

    Office can be called the face of the Company, especially if it is visited by customers and business partners. The first impression can significantly affect the further decision on cooperation. That is why the design of the office is very important task. Quality repairs and a pleasant interior can add trustworthiness to the Company in

  • Laminate Flooring: Pros and Cons

    Laminate flooring is a modern artificial floor covering widely used in various premises, both residential and commercial. Along with linoleum, this material has gained great popularity due to its low price, a huge choice of colors and ease of installation. But, is the laminate flooring so good and is it worth to put it in

  • Wood Flooring in the kitchen: pros and cons

    The choice of materials for the kitchen flooring is huge, but among all the variety, the floors made of wood stand apart. Special environmentally friendly features and unique texture make wooden floors an excellent choice for a country townhouse as well as for a city apartment. However, it must be remembered that the kitchen is

  • Epoxy Flooring for a Kitchen

    The poured floors are used relatively recently but very successfully in the remodeling of the residential premises. The resultant smooth seamless wear-resistant covering and the ability to apply a variety of design solutions make the poured floor an increasingly popular way of the apartment design. In addition, this material is moisture and household chemicals resistant,

  • Liquid Nails: Secure and Quick Fixation

    Liquid nails are the material that entered the US market about 30 years ago, thanks to the company specializing in the construction chemicals. This is the mounting adhesive compound designed to replace various fixators. Nowadays the liquid nails are almost indispensable for any remodeling. They are easy to operate, efficient in the consumption, do not