• Choosing the Paint for the Front of House. Part 2

    General recommendations for the choice of paint for the house front and the requirements for paint and varnish materials were covered in the previous article. In this article, we will dwell on the details of the most popular types of paint, their advantages and disadvantages. The performance of the paint depends on its chemical composition.

  • Drywall in Kitchen Remodeling: Properties and Applying Options

    Drywall is a universal material that is applied for a variety of purposes, but in most cases for putting wall or the construction of drop ceilings and partitions. Drywall consists of two sheets of construction paper-board and the drywall core. The material itself has a number of advantages: short term of mounting; good heat insulation

  • Liquid Nails: Secure and Quick Fixation

    Liquid nails are the material that entered the US market about 30 years ago, thanks to the company specializing in the construction chemicals. This is the mounting adhesive compound designed to replace various fixators. Nowadays the liquid nails are almost indispensable for any remodeling. They are easy to operate, efficient in the consumption, do not