• Choosing the Kitchen Water Mixer Tap: What to Pay Attention to?

    We use the kitchen water mixer tap far more frequently than the one located in the bathroom. Every day we turn it on and off a thousand times for washing hands, dishes, tableware, vegetables and fruits, so the water mixer tap should be reliable, durable and easy to use and maintain. In this article we

  • How to clean the bathroom in two days. Part 2

    We have already mentioned how quickly the bathroom gets cluttered and how hard it is to put everything back in order. However, it is quite possible: you just need to know what to focus on and where to start. In order to clean the bathroom in two days, it is enough to follow eight easy

  • How to clean the bathroom in two days. Part 1

    The expression, «full-scale cleaning of the bathroom», even sounds scary. Despite the fact that the bathroom is the smallest room in the house (with rare exceptions), it often accumulates such an amount of junk that it is hard to get rid of it at once. In fact, the bathroom can be cleaned and put back