• Choosing the Paint for the Front of House. Part 2

    General recommendations for the choice of paint for the house front and the requirements for paint and varnish materials were covered in the previous article. In this article, we will dwell on the details of the most popular types of paint, their advantages and disadvantages. The performance of the paint depends on its chemical composition.

  • Choosing the Paint for the Front of House Front. Part 1

    Your house can be distinguished from a number of other houses in different ways: by siding, decorative stucco, stone or brick, or any kinds of paint and varnish mixtures. However, the most simple and quick way to update the exterior of the house is a banal painting of the front of house. Moreover, the material

  • Choosing Tile Paint

    Painting tiles is unobvious, but very efficient way to update the interior, without changing the entire tile flooring. It does not require large investments and time costs, but at the same time it will allow changing the boring design or refreshing the appearance of the room. What kind of paint is better for this? Firstly,

  • Preparation for Tile Installation

    Choosing the tiles for the kitchen floor is the smart and reasonable solution. The tile is durable, moisture and temperature resistant, and easy to clean. In addition, now in the hardware stores one can find a vast variety of tile materials. So, it will be of no difficulty to find the right one for your

  • Stone Kitchen Countertops

    There are a lot of requirements to the kitchen work surfaces: sustainability, wear resistance, aesthetic look. Not in every case the attractive appearance is combined with the reliability and convenience of operation, but a natural or artificial stone easily combines all these characteristics. Stone countertops have the undeniable advantages and some disadvantages: wear resistance and

  • Kitchen Walls Finishing: Choosing the Paint

    When decorating the kitchen walls, the simple painting is usually preferred. After all, in the future, it will be easy to renew the room without much difficulty. And often, the covering like this is much more convenient and reliable than wallpapers or panels. You are not limited in the choice of shades or patterns, the

  • Kitchen Remodeling: What Should You Do Prior to the Furniture Set Assembling

    Have you completely thought over the interior of the new kitchen, selected the essential materials and colors, the location of the furniture set? Hold off on running to the furniture store because there are a lot of tasks that are better to be completed before you receive your new kitchen shelves and cabinets. Carry Out

  • Bar Counter and Kitchen Interior

    Despite the fact that some time ago the bar counter was an attribute of solely the saloons, bars, restaurants and cafes, year after year this furniture item is becoming more and more widespread element of the modern kitchen interior. In the present-day pace of life this design solution will not only be stylish, but also

  • Buying a Cooker Hood: How to Make the Right Choice

    During the process of cooking, the fumes, fat, soot and dust inevitably fall within the air in the kitchen, as well as on the ceiling, walls and lockers near the stove. If you want to cook comfortably, and to avoid unwanted dirt accumulation (and, in the worst case – an unplanned repair), an acquisition of

  • Choosing new kitchen cabinets in 8 steps. Part 2

    We already mentioned about the importance of choosing the right kitchen cabinets and important things one should pay attention to. However, when making a major purchase such as kitchen cabinets, be sure you have planned all of the details of you purchase before visiting a store. Things to keep in mind: Everything must be consistent