• Wood Flooring in the kitchen: pros and cons

    The choice of materials for the kitchen flooring is huge, but among all the variety, the floors made of wood stand apart. Special environmentally friendly features and unique texture make wooden floors an excellent choice for a country townhouse as well as for a city apartment. However, it must be remembered that the kitchen is

  • Preparation for Tile Installation

    Choosing the tiles for the kitchen floor is the smart and reasonable solution. The tile is durable, moisture and temperature resistant, and easy to clean. In addition, now in the hardware stores one can find a vast variety of tile materials. So, it will be of no difficulty to find the right one for your

  • Stone Kitchen Countertops

    There are a lot of requirements to the kitchen work surfaces: sustainability, wear resistance, aesthetic look. Not in every case the attractive appearance is combined with the reliability and convenience of operation, but a natural or artificial stone easily combines all these characteristics. Stone countertops have the undeniable advantages and some disadvantages: wear resistance and

  • Kitchen Walls Finishing: Choosing the Paint

    When decorating the kitchen walls, the simple painting is usually preferred. After all, in the future, it will be easy to renew the room without much difficulty. And often, the covering like this is much more convenient and reliable than wallpapers or panels. You are not limited in the choice of shades or patterns, the

  • Epoxy Flooring for a Kitchen

    The poured floors are used relatively recently but very successfully in the remodeling of the residential premises. The resultant smooth seamless wear-resistant covering and the ability to apply a variety of design solutions make the poured floor an increasingly popular way of the apartment design. In addition, this material is moisture and household chemicals resistant,

  • Liquid Nails: Secure and Quick Fixation

    Liquid nails are the material that entered the US market about 30 years ago, thanks to the company specializing in the construction chemicals. This is the mounting adhesive compound designed to replace various fixators. Nowadays the liquid nails are almost indispensable for any remodeling. They are easy to operate, efficient in the consumption, do not

  • Selection of the Ceramic Tiles for Kitchen

    The variety of materials is used for the kitchen decoration, but the ceramic tile remains the most popular one. It’s not universal and should be chosen depending on the place of its application — floor, walls, or kitchen splashback. Analyze the specifications, passport, and information on the package of the material. This will help you

  • Skinali for Kitchen: Beauty and Practicality

    Skinali is a decorative glass panel with an indented pattern on its surface, which is used in kitchen decoration as a splashback. Its main advantage is that with the help of skinali any designer’s idea can be embodied. The glass splashback may have various patterns – from the simple geometry to the high-quality photo. Why

  • Kitchen Island: Pay for Whistle or Extra Comfort?

    The idea of the kitchen island is relevant for the rooms with an area of more than 215 sq.ft. Then it will be possible to arrange the sufficiently large workspace with the convenient walkways. The mobile or folding options are better to be placed in the rooms with the area of less than 215 sq.ft.

  • Kitchen Remodeling: What Should You Do Prior to the Furniture Set Assembling

    Have you completely thought over the interior of the new kitchen, selected the essential materials and colors, the location of the furniture set? Hold off on running to the furniture store because there are a lot of tasks that are better to be completed before you receive your new kitchen shelves and cabinets. Carry Out

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