• Choosing Tile Paint

    Painting tiles is unobvious, but very efficient way to update the interior, without changing the entire tile flooring. It does not require large investments and time costs, but at the same time it will allow changing the boring design or refreshing the appearance of the room. What kind of paint is better for this? Firstly,

  • Painting Tiles: Unobvious but Simple Way to Update the Interior

    The idea of painting tiles in the bathroom or in the kitchen comes to mind very rarely, but it’s a great way to change or update the design of the room without much money and effort. Painting tiles does not require complex and long preparation, multi-day work and big money, but at the same time

  • Preparation for Tile Installation

    Choosing the tiles for the kitchen floor is the smart and reasonable solution. The tile is durable, moisture and temperature resistant, and easy to clean. In addition, now in the hardware stores one can find a vast variety of tile materials. So, it will be of no difficulty to find the right one for your

  • Major Mistakes in the Remodeling of the Kitchen

    At the beginning of the remodeling it seems that there is nothing complicated in the arrangement of the kitchen. But there are thousands of little things, that must be taken into account. And if these details are left without attention, then after the remodeling, the cooking process will turn from pleasure into the real torture.

  • Kitchen Layout: Types and Rules

    The choice of the layout is an essential step in creating the most convenient, functional and, above all, safe kitchen. A lot of factors should be considered: the location within the apartment, the shape and dimensions of the room, the location of communications lines and the number of family members. To make the kitchen completely

  • Minimalistic Bathroom: Features and Principles of Decor

    Laconism, exquisite simplicity and maximum functionality with minimal detail, – it is a definition of minimalism. Modesty in the design, proper lighting and selection of finishing materials allow you to visually increase even small space, which makes this style an ideal solution for owners of small bathrooms. Specific features of minimalistic style in the bathroom

  • Bathroom in Ethnic Style: Magical East

    Exotic countries of the East possess the mystery and unique color scheme that attracts many people. Rich ancient culture and traditions, an atmosphere of tranquility and contemplation of this trend can easily fit in your bathroom – and we will happily guide you on how to achieve it.

  • Bathroom in Country Style: Features and Principles of Decor

    Do you want to feel peace and closeness to nature every time you enter the bathroom? Then the country style will be the best choice of interior design for you. It is warm, cozy, and reminds of a measured and unhurried rustic life style. Being ideal for small spaces, this style possess its own common

  • How to choose finishing materials for the bathroom

    If you started renovating the bathroom, the first thing you need to do is to select materials for decoration, and only then buy everything else. There are several most popular options, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Water-dispersible paint This is the most famous and affordable material. This paint can be of