Flooring in Cafes and Restaurants. Artificial Materials

In the previous article, we began to talk about the most popular floor coverings in a restaurant or cafe. The floor made of natural stone or wood looks luxurious, but unfortunately not every owner can afford such an expensive material. In addition, it is simply pointless to use natural cover in the eating places with big traffic and not the most caring visitors. An ideal solution for such case is a variety of artificial materials.

Laminated Floors

This is an artificial material consisting of several layers:

  • protective layer of acrylate or melamine resin;
  • decorative paper layer, which determines the coloring of the laminate;
  • bearing base of fiberboard;
  • waterproof base sheet.

A huge variety of colors allows you to choose a laminate, ideal to the design of your place – the decorative layer can imitate any natural material or have original pattern. Since the cafes and restaurants are places with constant traffic, it is better to choose laminated floors of 33-34 class of wear resistance, with a base made of HDF board. If you want the flooring to be as reliable as possible, give preference to large size lamellae with a lock joint, and treat the joints with special moisture-proof composite.

Poured Floors

Poured floor is floor made of self-leveling mixture based on polymer materials. The result is a perfectly smooth surface without seams and joints. The floor can have any color and pattern up to 3D effects. It is highly resistant to aggressive external influence and has a long service life. Another significant advantage is the high speed of work on pouring and ease of care. You can simply use regular cleaning products. The only detail: although the mixture forms a flat surface on its own, serious defects of the subfloor are better to fix beforehand.

Porcelain Tiles

It is one of the most modern types of ceramic coatings, made of a mixture of colorants, clays and mineral crumbs. This is a very durable and strong tile, resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. Porcelain can imitate natural materials or have an original pattern – the choice of colors and textures is almost unlimited. For a cafĂ©, it is better to choose tile with a partially polished, waxed or natural surface. But we recommend giving up completely polished porcelain, because it is very slippery, although it looks impressive.

You can be confident about entrusting the finishing of the floor to Artmax Remodeling. Our highly qualified staff performs all stages of work in the shortest possible time. We use only environmentally friendly and safe materials.


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