Flooring in Cafes and Restaurants. Natural Materials

Cafes and restaurants are visited by dozens, if not hundreds of people on a daily basis. Floors in such establishments should not only correspond to the chosen environment, designer’s idea and the chosen style, but also to withstand huge loads. In this case, you also need to remember that the floor for the restaurants imply more presentable look due to the specifics of the establishment, and the customers are usually more careful and reserved. However, the main visitors of the cafe are young people, so it makes sense to choose more durable and soil-resistant material.

When choosing the flooring both for a cafe, and for a restaurant, you need to focus on the conditions in which they will be used:

  • heavy loads;
  • high probability of stains, chips and wear;
  • humidity and temperature changes.

Natural stone

It is not a reasonably priced flooring. You will have to spend enough on it. But the luxurious look of the floor shall emphasize the respectability of the restaurant, so if you are not limited in funding, do not hesitate to make the floor of natural stone in the restaurant. In addition, this material has several significant advantages:

  • very high strength and durability – the stone floor is difficult to damage, so with proper care it can last decades;
  • functionality – it is easy to keep it clean, especially if you saturate the stone with a special composition that protects against dirt;
  • resistance to changes in temperature and moisture;
  • the uniqueness of the stone pattern – the use of natural granite, marble or other stone guarantees you an original design.

Parquet floor and wood board

Floors from natural wood are very eye-catching and can serve many years – especially if high-quality species of wood are used. A significant advantage of such floor is the environmental friendliness, the ability to create a favorable indoor microclimate.

The only difficulty is that to maintain a good look of the natural wood floor, you must follow certain rules of care and operation:

  • the room should be kept at a certain temperature and humidity level, so that the boards do not dry out or start to rot;
  • never use ordinary household chemicals, only special products for wood;
  • be sure to perform regular floor treatment with varnish or wax – additional protection will protect the boards from mechanical damage.

Our company Artmax Remodeling performs all stages of work on laying the floor: from the choice of material and the preparation of the surface to the final processing. Having entrusted the design of the premises to our specialists, as a result, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality floor that perfectly fits into the interior.


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