• Bathroom buildout and renovations

    Bathroom buildout and renovations

    In case you have a feeling that your bathroom makes you experience a plenty of negative emotions, it means the time to change something has come – for example, to renovate the interior or to buy new plumbing fixtures. However, not everyone is capable to project new room interior from scratch in a way so that nothing will have to be modified.

  • Kitchen design and remodeling

    Kitchen design and remodeling

    The kitchen is a room where all the family members often meet, and this means that this place should be light and cozy.

  • Complete renovation

    Complete renovation

    If you have decided to remodel the room utterly and completely, to renovate the interior and buy new furniture and appliances, you shouldn’t get into such a big matter without the help of experts.

  • Shower door installation

    Shower door installation

    If you prefer a quick shower rather than soaking in the bathtub for hours, then your bathroom should definitely be equipped with modern and comfortable shower cabin. It is not so difficult to install it in a bathroom by yourself, especially a corner shower cabin, because in this case, you only need to install the tray and the doors.

  • Floor repair

    Floor repair

    It is a well-known fact that the floor is the first to fall into disrepair; especially if you do not properly care of the material it is made of. Scratches from heels or animal’s claws, spots that cannot be taken off by powerful detergents… Full floor replacement is expensive, and it takes much time and effort. So you should think in advance about refinishing wood floors.

  • Closets and storage system

    Closets and storage system

    During the interior decoration process, it is of significant importance to find the perfect closets and other storage systems, especially when it comes to a small-sized room.

  • Property management

    Property management

    Not always you have time to look after the house, especially if most part of the day you have to spend on the job, or even stay there until late at night. It is twice as hard for those who come home only to sleep. What if during the day something went wrong, and you do not have a single minute to bring everything in order.

  • Kitchen countertops installation

    Kitchen countertops installation

    What does the perfect kitchen countertop look like? First of all, it is a flat, smooth surface, without scratches, cracks and roughness. The condition of the kitchen countertop influences your mood, whether you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, cook lunch and dinner, wash the dishes, or not.

  • Bathroom remodeling

    Bathroom remodeling

    Bathroom is the place to start everyone’s day, and the more comfortable you feel in it, the better the rest of your day will be. If it is unpleasant to stay in the bathroom, it requires either partial or complete transformation.

  • Kitchen remodeling

    Kitchen remodeling

    Kitchen is a place where every member of the family spends a lot of time. Cooking, eating and sometimes an ordinary tea party are held here. And if the kitchen look makes you upset, it’s time to change something. We offer kitchen remodeling – a set of measures aimed at the transformation of the room.

  • New floor installation

    New floor installation

    People who often deal with the repair works know firsthand that the floor covering is the fastest to fall into the disrepair. Regardless of whether it is the parquet, laminated or tile flooring, it is unavoidable that the scratches, stains and other damage appear everywhere sooner or later.

  • Office remodeling

    Office remodeling

    Many people hardly have pleasant associations with the office – a boring single-type design, grey or beige walls, too bright ceiling lighting that appears blinding after the working day in front of the computer. Quite depressing scene.

  • Painting


    It is inevitable that the old interior design, as a rule, becomes boring – one begins to think with an increasing frequency that the bathroom would look much better with a different color palette, and new furniture set should be bought for the kitchen, and that everything should be shifted there. If you’ve decided that the time to change something has come, do not delay it and rely on the assistance of the experts.

  • Restaurant Remodeling

    Restaurant Remodeling

    If you are the restaurant owner, you probably know firsthand how important it is to create a comfortable atmosphere. It is a pleasure to have dinner in a cozy restaurant, but it’s even more pleasant to return there with that special someone.

  • Store remodeling

    Store remodeling

    The recipe for success for every store consists not only of the wide range of goods and prices that do not hit one in the pocket but also of the fact whether it is pleasant for the customers to come there. If the thing you need is for sale only in the small, poor lighted basement, it’s obvious, that you will go there anyway. But if the same thing is available at the competitors’ store, then it’s highly unlikely.

  • Window treatments

    Window treatments

    One of the key components of the interior is the windows decor that includes choosing the appropriate curtains and curtain track, decorating the window sill. All this should not look out of the overall picture and disharmonize with the other elements of the interior.

  • Tile installation

    Tile installation

    It is not so easy to choose high-quality tiles for the bathroom and the kitchen. Dozens of types, textures and colors lead to confusion. And it is even harder to lay the tiles on the walls and the floor.

  • Kitchen cabinet installation

    Kitchen cabinet installation

    Kitchen is not just a place where the whole family gets together for lunch or dinner, but it is also the working center of the house. We cook the food and do the dishes here, and the number of working surfaces in the kitchen is more than in any other room. Of course, they all have to be in perfect condition.