In case you have a feeling that your bathroom makes you experience a plenty of negative emotions, it means the time to change something has come – for example, to renovate the interior or to buy new plumbing fixtures. However, not everyone is capable to project new room interior from scratch in a way so that nothing will have to be modified.

Contact the experts in order not to waste time and money. «Artmax Remodeling» Company offers bathroom buildout and renovations service that will help your bathroom to get a new lease of life.

How do we achieve an excellent result?

  • After you submit an application, we come to you upon the appointed day and discuss your vision of the new bathroom’s look. Based on the information received we develop a new project. Then we make adjustments in accordance with your feedback.
  • The next step is getting rid of old materials, removing tiles from the walls and floor, in a word – paving the way for the new project.
  • We work on the project implementation, considering all your suggestions during the process.

It is also a pleasure for us to help you in case you don’t have anything to do with the interior design and have trouble picturing the renovated room’s look. Our experts will consult you in detail and advise suitable options in accordance with the room dimensions.

Why are we worth to be chosen?

  • We have plenty of experience in this field, working not only in Miami, but also in the surrounding districts. We arrive precisely at the fixed time and quickly get through the assigned task. Your comfort is above all for us.
  • Within the working process, we apply only proven methods and technologies, as well as the effective and environmentally friendly products.
  • We offer a full range of services aimed to renovate and restore the bathroom and kitchen. You may order both something specific and a whole package of works.
  • We try to work almost noiselessly, without causing a discomfort.

Is it expensive?

No. We take great care to ensure that prices remain stable and affordable, so everyone can give a new life to the long familiar bathroom. If you are in doubt, just give us a call and specify details. Our team is able to estimate the scope of work and name the final price.