During the interior decoration process, it is of significant importance to find the perfect closets and other storage systems, especially when it comes to a small-sized room. A well-chosen closet helps to save the space and. In addition, it does not look out of the furniture set.

If you have no idea what option is the most suitable for you and how to arrange the space in a correct manner, we advise contacting the professionals who are able to help you.

«Artmax Remodeling» will handle the problem you face shortly. Our services include the assistance with closet and storage system — a set of measures aimed to arrange an empty space in the apartment accurately and correctly.

How do we manage this?

  • First of all, we come to the notified address upon the appointed date and make an inspection of the space we have to work on. It all depends on what you exactly need: we may help you choose suitable wardrobe, closets or several shelves, to install a new storage system after dismounting the old one.
  • After we found out what you exactly need, we begin the work: if you have already purchased the new furniture, then we prepare the place, where you are going to arrange it, and take out the old interior items. Certainly, we work as quickly as possible, considering all your proposals and suggestions during the process.
  • In case we have a task to dismount the old storage system and dismantle the closets, we take out the materials and furniture that are of no need for you. We try to work without making a sound since the customer’s comfort is of significant importance for us.

Why would namely our company be of your choice?

«Artmax Remodeling» is the place where merely qualified experts work. We fulfil orders both within the territory of Miami and within the surrounding districts. We always arrive without delay, and manage even the most difficult tasks, and know firsthand how to achieve the perfect result.

We are pleased to propose you not only the storage system installation, but also any other services related to the premises renovation. Anything you wish is available – from the simplest repair to the complete remodeling. In addition, we offer property management, that is a great assistance for those who are absent from home for a long time.

During our work, we got used to relying merely on the cutting-edge technologies, proven reliable methods and means that cause no harm to the environment and the human body.

How to make an order?

To become one of our customers, just give us a call and arrange the day suitable for you, so that we can come to the notified address and make an inspection of the space we have to work on. The final cost of the services can be discussed with our manager.