If you have decided to remodel the room utterly and completely, to renovate the interior and buy new furniture and appliances, you shouldn’t get into such a big matter without the help of experts. Otherwise, you may face a lot of problems during the repair works, and it always means additional expenses and a significant waste of time.

«Artmax Remodeling» Company offers to order the complete renovation — a set of measures aimed to give a new life to your room and transform it beyond recognition.

How do we do that?

  • First of all, we come to your place, estimate the complexity of work and discuss your vision of the new bathroom’s look. This is about materials, projecting, technology, furniture, color palette – everything that will make up the renovated interior in the future.
  • After that, we develop the project and start working upon it. If you have not had time to purchase the materials and other necessary elements, we may consult you and help to decide on the choice.
  • During the process of work upon the project, we demount old interior items – for example, the tiles on the walls and the floor – and replace them with the new ones. Of course, we try to work without making a sound – the customer’s comfort is of significant importance for our company.
  • As soon as the work upon the project is completed, we make final adjustments in accordance with your proposals. It is guaranteed that the implementation of the whole project will be made taking all of them into consideration.

Why is it worth to choose us?

«Artmax Remodeling» is the experienced company working on the orders within the territory of Miami and the surrounding districts. We handle the tasks in the shortest possible time to prevent our customers’ discomfort. Still, this affects the quality no way – it always remains superior.

During our work, we rely merely on the proven reliable methods and technologies that have helped us out more than once. We also use the environmentally friendly products. All our employees are qualified experts.

Our services are aimed to remodel both the bathroom and the kitchen completely. We are in power to make some easy adjustments as well as the total repair. However, the prices are invariably stable and affordable. If you don’t believe, go and check it out for yourself.

How to make an order?

Just contact us and choose the appropriate day, so that we can come and estimate the scope of work. The exact cost of the services can be checked at any time by the phone with our manager.