If you are the restaurant owner, you probably know firsthand how important it is to create a comfortable atmosphere. It is a pleasure to have dinner in a cozy restaurant, but it’s even more pleasant to return there with that special someone.

An increase in the number of guests is the reachable task. All it takes is to furnish the premises in a proper way, to select the furniture that fits into the interior and choose the lighting equipment in the same style. This should be considered from the very beginning. Otherwise, in course of time, you will notice that the number of visitors will be progressively diminishing.

There is the way out for those who have already encountered this problem: restaurant remodeling, a package of measures aimed at making your establishment more aesthetically and functionally attractive.

How do we achieve an excellent result

  • First, you should choose a convenient date so that we could come to the restaurant and examine the premises. Then, of course, the discussion follows, in the course of which we find out how exactly you want to see your renovated establishment. We talk over the preferred materials, types of lighting equipment, color palette, and everything that can help us work the project through to the finest details.
  • After that, we start working on the project and in the process make all the necessary adjustments considering your wishes and proposals.
  • Then we dismount old materials – for example, the tiles on the walls and any flooring coating – and install the new ones. If you have not had time to buy everything you need for remodeling of the premises, we would certainly consult you and help you choose the best options.
  • Working with the lighting: we select the perfect lighting equipment for the renovated restaurant and arrange it in accordance with your wishes. If you do not know how to zone the premises using the light, we will give you some advice.

Why would namely our company be of your choice?

“Artmax Remodeling” is the experienced company taking orders not only within the territory of Miami, but also within the surrounding districts. We work promptly, qualitatively and almost noiselessly, so that not to cause a discomfort.

In order for you to be hundred-per-cent satisfied, we apply the proven methods, modern technologies and environmentally friendly materials.

No fabulous sums of money – we propose budget-friendly and affordable prices. You may order the specific service, as well as the complete package of measures for the premises modification and the real estate supervision service.

How to order?

In order to become our customer, you just need to fill in the application or arrange a visit of the experts by the phone indicated on our website. The cost of services may be confirmed with the manager.