Wood Flooring in the kitchen: pros and cons

The choice of materials for the kitchen flooring is huge, but among all the variety, the floors made of wood stand apart. Special environmentally friendly features and unique texture make wooden floors an excellent choice for a country townhouse as well as for a city apartment.

However, it must be remembered that the kitchen is a place with a lot of negative factors that somehow can affect the wooden floors. Humidity, temperature changes, splashes and fallen kitchen appliances – all this poses a danger for the surface. So, it’s worth being prepared to take care of such floor properly.

Types of wooden floor:

  • plank floors — floorboards that are laid on logs or beams;
  • hardwood floors — separate floorboards made of hardwood;
  • wood board flooring — rarely used as a finishing floor; it is usually made of wood chip board or fiberboard.

Advantages of wooden floors:

  • Surface appearance — the wood texture itself is very beautiful, so polished and varnished floor fits well with almost any interior;
  • environmentally friendly material is a significant plus for connoisseurs of naturalness and quality;
  • low thermal conductivity — in cold season it makes the wooden floors cold in last turn;
  • soundproofing — the thicker the layer of wood is put on the floor, the better soundproofing is;
  • high tear and wear resistance and strength — with proper care, the wooden floor will last for many years.

Disadvantages of the wooden floor:

  • regular maintenance is necessary — use a vacuum cleaner and wipe the floor with a damp cloth;
  • the wooden floor is afraid of moisture and temperature changes — therefore, wooden floors must be treated with protective compounds;
  • high cost — even if you lay the floor yourself, it will still cost a lot;
  • sensitivity to contamination and dirt — any spilled liquid, if not quickly removed, can leave unexplained spots;
  • fire hazard.

If you still have decided to make wood flooring in the kitchen, but you are not sure that you can do it yourself, and want to entrust it to professionals, please contact our company Artmax Remodeling. Our specialists will quickly and efficiently cope with the work, ensuring a long-term and reliable result.


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